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The Ugandan Bahá'í Temple located in Kampala, Uganda is a wondrously beautiful structure. Painted in beautiful earth tones, high reaching into the sky, and noble in immediate glance. This is one of my favorite temples because of the gradneur, power, love, and nobility it exudes.


Bahá'í Houses of Worship (or temples, as they often called) are places of prayer built by Bahá'ís, and completely open to people of all faiths, religions and beliefs!


These gorgeous temples are physical manifestations of two “essential and inseparable aspects of Bahá'í life: worship and service.” They are designed to be places of prayer for all, with subsidiary humanitarian branches that could include hospitals, schools, universities, hospices, and shelters for those in need.


12x12in. Adhered to wood. Ready to hang.

7 hour work time

Come in an Ian Artistry Box

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