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What is WONDRA?

WONDRA is the marriage of WONDer and RAdiance.


You know those feelings of awe that ignite you to life? Those moments where you step back,  see how far you've come, thankful for your strength, and become filled with gratitude and wonder?


That is WONDRA: Awe to inspired. Captivated to catalyzed.


The perfect embodiment of this sensation is the peacock. An emblem of immense beauty, effortless grace, and a source of inspiration for many, including me, Ian. The creator and owner of WONDRA.


My intention always is to create gifts that inspire this unique sensation. To ignite your senses with wonder and remind you of what you're here to do in life.


I hope that WONDRA is of service to you.

Rock Formations
Screen Shot 2023-12-15 at 3.24.47 PM.png

Significance of the Peacock

Peacocks have always been a favorite of mine.


Appearing many times in my dreams that evoke messages of protection and steadfastness, peacocks are a symbol of true power born from embracing ones design and purpose. 


They embody nobility, humility, beauty, and wonder. With blooming tails, iridescent eyes, trichromatic feathers and immovable strength, peacocks are the perfect emblem and symbol of what WONDRA aims to evoke in you:

A catalyst from awe that springs forth motivation and purpose.

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