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Healed Hearts

Healed Hearts

When two souls are in union, trials and tribulations of companionship tend to bring forth tests to prove each others true dedication and commitment.


This symbolic heart cards represent two souls that have healed and united stronger together through times of hurt, pain, division, and grief.


The iridescent calm white background married with the shard like refractive material represents the space of clarity and peace.

The two strands on the outtermost part of the heart represent intention.

The two halves of the heart represent the unique indivduality of each soul.

The gold that flows from the middle into both sides of the heart represent the golden light of healing that is born from pain and hardship.


White and metallic gold quillling paper with silk Swarovski Crystals.


Blank Inside

1 Envelope


* NOTE:  because these cards are hand made, each card is not an exact copy of what is pictured as above, however it remains very true to the original design.

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